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Taz Thornton

Thinking of carving out a new career in coaching? Please take care; there are no short cuts and plenty of sharks selling them.

Ever wondered how some people seem to have a boundless flow of brilliant business ideas? Here’s how a yellow legal pad and a good old audio book can help you to step into your own zone of genius

Every day, millions of people attempt to kill off their ‘Imposter Syndrome’. Award-winning coach Taz Thornton argues we’re unwittingly attacking ourselves.

We’re supposed to have all the answers and be able to pull positivity out of thin air, but plenty of coaches, healers and therapists will be feeling the strain of lockdown. I’m writing this for you. I hope it helps.

It’s the newest voice-based kid on the social media block, but how can you go from a nobody in a room full of tumbleweed and crickets to a serious voice on the platform?

Within 24 hours of taking up office as President Of The United States, Joe Biden issued an executive order to protect millions of LGBTQ people from discrimination. The world needs more power players to lead with love, and here’s why…

Surely, we can make clear the very real dangers of this horrendous virus AS WELL AS pointing out that it does not always need to mean a death sentence, or long-term health complications? Apparently not…

If you’re finding yourself wrapped up in US election drama, I want to remind you of something. The outcome of YOUR life will not be determined by Biden or Trump… it’s all down to YOU.

US Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris made history as the first Asian-African-American woman to take the office. One of her first acts was to appoint a lesbian woman of colour as chief of staff. Here’s why that matters so much…

Stress really can be deadly, impacting everything from our emotions, to our mindset, thinking ability and our physical health. Here are some simple, practical steps to help you spot the signs and create more balance in your life.

Taz Thornton

3 X TEDx speaker, bestselling author, award-winning confidence & visibility coach. Creator of the #UnleashYourAwesome empowerment & #BrandMastery programmes.

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