Struggling Through Lockdown? But You’re A Coach!

We’re supposed to have all the answers and be able to pull positivity out of thin air, but plenty of coaches, healers and therapists will be feeling the strain of lockdown. I’m writing this for you. I hope it helps.

Taz Thornton
11 min readMar 5, 2021

I AGONISED over writing this piece. I’ve ummed and ahhed, swung to and fro like a pendulum, weighing up the pros and cons of speaking out. Honestly, I’ve given myself emotional whiplash!

In just the same way, oh so many years ago, I hid my truth for far too long and learned the hard way.

Back then, I shielded my loved ones — including friends, and some family members — from my story, because I had no idea how to file it, how to explain what I’d been through, how to even step into that place of being true to myself — of being absolutely, unapologetically ME.

Over time, that grew into hiding my past from my audience, my tribe, my clients, in the misguided belief that speaking my truth might kill my career and poison my potential.

When I finally did start to allow the words to tumble out, it was in a Facebook video. For the first time, I spoke about going through domestic abuse, depression, breakdown, suicidal thoughts and the failed attempt that led to a written-off car and a broken back.

I’d like to think a force greater than you and I was looking out for me that day — plunging me off a sharp cliff edge, safe in the knowledge that I’d land perfectly, nothing broken except some old, limiting beliefs, and with a whole new landscape opening up for me.

Viral mistake

Had I realised that video would go viral, that I’d neglected to choose the ‘friends only’ setting, I never would have hit the button.

Had those messages from strangers, telling me my words had saved their lives, not landed in my inbox before I’d realised my folly, I would probably have deleted the video and never spoken of it again.

Back then, in 2015, I would never have believed that erroneously sharing 10 minutes of vulnerability with the world could have had such a positive impact.



Taz Thornton

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