It’s All About The Tail: Why We Need To Stop Being Manx Cats In Marketing

Instant returns are rare in the world of generating trust through social media. Building your client base and cash flow takes effort and you probably won’t get rich overnight. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re doing something you love.

Taz Thornton
6 min readNov 16, 2018


EARLIER this week, I was keynoting for a business event in Sicily. It was an amazing experience, thanks to excellent organisation from the Sicilia Convention Bureau, who organised the conference.

If you’re wondering, my grasp of the Sicilian language is about as extensive as my knowledge of Klingon. Actually, my Klingon might be slightly better. Qapla’!

To overcome this communication barrier, delegates who didn’t speak fluent English were treated to a special headset, which plugged live translation straight into their earholes. Technology’s amazing, isn’t it?

All well and good, until I realised that this left me with a slight delay in response from my audience.

If you’ve seen me presenting before, you’ll know that I include my audience a lot — my talks weave in audience reaction and bounce off the energy in the room, so the delay was a little unsettling at first.

Ultimately, I had to trust in the power of my content and just keep going. Of course, all worked out beautifully and, by the end of my time there, I’d had plenty of awesome feedback from people in the room.

We need to trust that our words are having an impact, even if feedback isn’t immediately received.

Just this morning — needing something to distract myself with as my PT put me through my paces after a few days of Sicilian carb overload — it struck me that my translation delay experience was a precise mirror of the frustrations some of us find with social marketing.

We’re all trying to be manx cats when, in fact, we need to be passionately and determinedly swishing our tails.

What do I mean by this?



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