Internet Trolls: Why You See Snakes And I See Ladders

No matter how hard those virtual slapdowns, it’s all about perspective, baby!

Taz Thornton
4 min readApr 1, 2018


TODAY I was trolled on Facebook. Twice. Neither seemed particularly fair. Both were in response to a positive, uplifting post I’d made encouraging people to recognise their own strength, beauty and awesome potential.

To be fair, the first one apologised within minutes… she hadn’t clicked the ‘see more’ button and had only read the first few lines of my post, which made the whole thing seem a bit out of context. It’s probably not even fair to call her a troll… she’s a lovely lady who leapt to the wrong conclusion and then felt bad about it.

The second was even more bizarre!

As someone who specialises in visibility and personal brand, whenever I create my own Facebook graphics they’re in my colours, with my logo and my #UnleashYourAwesome hashtag. Anything else would be remiss, right?

So, when a fella who uses his business logo (including web address) as his personal profile image started to make snotty comments about my graphics carrying my brand, the irony — and absurdity — wasn’t lost on me!

The details don’t really matter for the advice I want to serve to you right now. What I want to talk to you about is the way in which you perceive internet trolls and how to cope with them.

Shine on, you crazy diamond

Here’s the thing: the brighter you shine, the more you stand out, the more positivity you inject into the world, the more you will unwittingly rattle cages. You’ll be upsetting the apple cart of the cynics, the naysayers and those who like to hang around in the swamps of despair and generally bemoan their lot or try to bring others down.

It’s not your fault. It’s not even anything to do with you. It’s just that your bright, shiny attitude has started to leak into their gloom, and they don’t like it. They just don’t make blackout curtains strong enough to keep you out. Damn you and your optimism!

It took me a long time to learn this lesson. It took lots of virtual smack downs and upper cuts served via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and website comments before I…



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