Does It Matter That She’s A Lesbian? Yes! Yes it does!

US Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris made history as the first Asian-African-American woman to take the office. One of her first acts was to appoint a lesbian woman of colour as chief of staff. Here’s why that matters so much…

Taz Thornton
6 min readNov 8, 2020


LIKE many other Brits, I sat up into the small hours to watch Kamala Harris and Joe Biden address the world after being declared Vice President and President Elect of the United States.

As a former journalist, I was fascinated by the way everything was playing out and, as an eternal optimist with political leanings to the left of centre, I saw this election as a beacon of hope — something that’s felt sorely lacking this year!

There were so many firsts playing out, right before my eyes: this was the first time an incumbent POTUS had been ousted from the seat of power since Reagan v Carter in 1980; it’s the first time we’ve had a female Vice President, as well as the first Asian-American, African-American in the role, and the first time the daughter of an immigrant has been elected to office.

It’s also, of course, the first time a large-scale press conference has been held in the parking lot of a lancscaping centre, sandwiched between an adult store and a crematorium, and let’s not even go into the amount of firsts The Donald has created with his levels of lies and tantrums.

The next big first though, for me, was when Kamala Harris announced the appointment of Karine Jean-Pierre as her chief of staff.

“Let’s go!!” Jean-Pierre announced on Twitter, confirming the appointment.

Black lesbian commentator

Described as black lesbian commentator, academician, and political powerhouse, Jean-Pierre tweeted that she was proud to be working with Biden/Harris.

According to, the MSNBC political analyst and commentator was a key figure in three presidential campaigns, including Barack Obama’s historic victory in 2008, and successfully pressured big corporations like Walmart to change unfair labor practices. In addition, Jean-Pierre has taught…



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