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Taz Thornton

Every day, millions of people attempt to kill off their ‘Imposter Syndrome’. Award-winning coach Taz Thornton argues we’re unwittingly attacking ourselves.

IMPOSTER Syndrome. Two words — five little syllables — we’ve been conditioned to fear, fight and do all in our power to obliterate. We blame this unseen force for so many of our perceived failings: lack of confidence, procrastination, poor cashflow, low self worth and esteem, even a dearth of clients.

There’s even a special day for it now — International Imposter Syndrome Awareness Day, held on April 13.

If you’re wondering what it is, Wikipedia gives this helpful explanation: “Impostor syndrome (also known as impostor phenomenon, impostorism, fraud syndrome or the impostor experience) is a psychological pattern in which…

We’re supposed to have all the answers and be able to pull positivity out of thin air, but plenty of coaches, healers and therapists will be feeling the strain of lockdown. I’m writing this for you. I hope it helps.

I AGONISED over writing this piece. I’ve ummed and ahhed, swung to and fro like a pendulum, weighing up the pros and cons of speaking out. Honestly, I’ve given myself emotional whiplash!

In just the same way, oh so many years ago, I hid my truth for far too long and learned the hard way.

Back then, I shielded my loved ones — including friends, and some family members — from my story, because I had no idea how to file it, how to explain what I’d been through, how to even step into that place of being true to…

It’s the newest voice-based kid on the social media block, but how can you go from a nobody in a room full of tumbleweed and crickets to a serious voice on the platform?

I’VE been lurking on Clubhouse (CH) for a little while now, but only properly diving in this week.

Being a bit geeky when it comes to visibility and personal brand, I’ve been doing some research into growth hacking tips and ways to build your audience and, as a result, I’ve gone up by about 100 in the past 24 hours.

I still don’t have a massive follower base there — 574 as of this moment — but it’s growing much faster now I’m employing these techniques.

I hope they help you too — it’s a really power-full platform for networking…

Within 24 hours of taking up office as President Of The United States, Joe Biden issued an executive order to protect millions of LGBTQ people from discrimination. The world needs more power players to lead with love, and here’s why…

IT took Joe Biden and Kamala Harris less than a day to reverse some of the horrendous discriminatory acts signed off by Donald Trump, and to issue an executive order expanding LGBTQ non-discrimination protections.

If ever there was a sign that this new leadership team are determined to rule from the heart, with compassion and care for all, this was it.

Watching from the sidelines, here in the UK, I sense the strong message between the lines as well. Biden, himself a dedicated Catholic, has already sent a ‘love is love’ shockwave across the country — perhaps, even the world…

Surely, we can make clear the very real dangers of this horrendous virus AS WELL AS pointing out that it does not always need to mean a death sentence, or long-term health complications? Apparently not…

NOT so many years ago, I discovered I was ‘at risk’ of one of those degenerative conditions we all dread.

I still remember the news being delivered. Two ‘senior’ family members sat me down, at the kitchen table, to deliver the blow.

I would need to seek medical advice, decide whether I wanted to take the test and, potentially, make plans for my future.

At first, I was in shock. It didn’t sink in properly.

This was one of those terrifying conditions we see depicted in TV dramas, where we watch the characters’ lives — and abilities — tragically slip…

If you’re finding yourself wrapped up in US election drama, I want to remind you of something. The outcome of YOUR life will not be determined by Biden or Trump… it’s all down to YOU.

THAT headline and intro might feel a little difficult to stomach right now. Wherever you sit on the political spectrum, you may well believe the victor has the power to make your life better, or worse.

I’m not about to start arguing about which one of these guys would make a better leader, or who could most improve the USA; I don’t live in America — I don’t know! …

US Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris made history as the first Asian-African-American woman to take the office. One of her first acts was to appoint a lesbian woman of colour as chief of staff. Here’s why that matters so much…

LIKE many other Brits, I sat up into the small hours to watch Kamala Harris and Joe Biden address the world after being declared Vice President and President Elect of the United States.

As a former journalist, I was fascinated by the way everything was playing out and, as an eternal optimist with political leanings to the left of centre, I saw this election as a beacon of hope — something that’s felt sorely lacking this year!

There were so many firsts playing out, right before my eyes: this was the first time an incumbent POTUS had been ousted from…

Stress really can be deadly, impacting everything from our emotions, to our mindset, thinking ability and our physical health. Here are some simple, practical steps to help you spot the signs and create more balance in your life.

IT might sound dramatic, but stress really can be a killer. It’s not the stress itself, of course, but the impact it can have on your body. At the extreme end of the scale, stress has been linked with everything from heart disease to suicidal impulses, so we really do need to take it seriously.

And we need to take it seriously all the time, not just during key times such as International Stress Awareness Week, happening right now (November 2–6 2020).

Perhaps not surprisingly, this year’s campaign carries the headline: Managing Stress and Mental Health Issues in the Age…

Across the world, people are stressed, anxious, riddled with worry and concern. Businesses are falling over. People are locking themselves indoors to hide from a silent assassin. What’s the real killer here: Covid 19 or a carefully created pandemic of paranoia and panic?

WAY back in March, when the media reports first started to trickle out about the global pandemic, sweeping the world with Death’s borrowed cloak and scythe, I was one of the first to lock down.

I finished a running training programme, on the evening of March 18, and didn’t leave my house again until I needed to take my car for its MOT, on June 12.

Even after that, my ventures beyond the front door were few and far between. I didn’t go for those Government-endorsed daily walks, just in case. …

Being self-employed in the Covid world can be tough, but some of us are making it far harder than it needs to be.

THIS past week, I’ve heard some crazy limiting beliefs from people in business.

Maybe it’s the current climate kicking people in their confidence, maybe it’s stress, anxiety, exhaustion, burnout or just sheer overwhelm with all the negative / confusing messages coming from the media and Government.

Whatever it is, as business owners, we need to get a grip and stop believing our own bullshit.

We need to examine our excuses and see them for what they are.

We need to stop delivering what we *think* we should be serving up as a ‘proper’ grown up business person, and start creating…

Taz Thornton

3 X TEDx speaker, bestselling author, award-winning confidence & visibility coach. Creator of the #UnleashYourAwesome empowerment & #BrandMastery programmes.

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