7 Ways To Stop Being Distracted By Social Media

You’re staying away from social because it’s destroying your business focus? You do realise that’s where your customers hang out, right? Here’s how you can stop avoiding all those brilliant, free networking platforms and start using them smartly.

Taz Thornton
7 min readAug 24, 2019


SQUIRREL! We all know someone who’s easily distracted. The latest shiny thing immediately pulls their attention away from their business and they lose focus.

These people (maybe it’s you?) are the human equivalent of Doug the dog, from the movie, Up. You remember him, right? He’d constantly break off, mid conversation, at the mere sniff of a squirrel.

When it comes to us human’s , it’s usually one hell of a habit and there’s usually more than one squirrel.

It doesn’t even have to be anything that exciting. And it definitely doesn’t always need to be social.

A noise outside. Pictures of Aunt Ethel’s 80th birthday party. The smell of freshly roasted coffee beans. Netflix. A daytime chat show…

See? It’s easy to blame social media for the distraction but, the truth is, it’s really that wandering mind of yours that’s the culprit. You, my friend, need to get that squirrel on a leash!

If you’re finding you’re too distracted by YouTube videos, TED talks or the latest happenings on Buzzfeed, the problem isn’t really social media.

The problem is self discipline. Or lack of it.

Yes, I know you’re often being lured away thanks to Facebook clickbait, but you do not have to attend every cute animal video to which you’re invited!

Now, of course, this could lead us down the path of wondering whether you’re in the right business if your attention is so easily pulled away from it, but that’s for another article on another day.

Right now, let’s just give you a few ideas about how you can clean up your social media habits, grow your attention span and stop being distracted by that blasted squirrel!

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